Mobile Services for Agencies
Nitromobile can work closely with agencies to develop strategies for new business pitches, and ideas for incorporating mobile into existing or new projects on retained clients. If you haven't run any mobile campaigns for your clients we can help you understand the landscape better, and provide the service you need to make the whole process from set up, execution and reporting a breeze...

If you offer mobile as part of your product portfolio perhaps our expertise in mobile video and billing integration can offer you something extra? Our platform processes up to 10,000 videos every week on white labeled platforms. Virtually no other mobile platform around has been tested to this extent which means that you have a more assured product for your clients. The system incorporates much more than mobile video though, so have a look around or give us a call.

Find out how you can interact more effectively with your customers
Want to add the mobile channel to your portfolio, or make it more robust?
Sell effectively regardless of user handset capability, carrier and location
Client Case Study
Nitro Mobile We were tasked by MoS to provide a mobile video platform for their oioi business. To understand the solution that we deployed in simplest terms, just think of YouTube on mobile. Then, integrate billing, moderation tools for platform, remuneration for video owners, and inbound and outbound marketing tools, with a full suite of online admin and reporting tools.

Of course all the functionality in the world wouldn't count for anything if users weren't able to download the optimal video for user's handsets.

We think the solution is pretty elegant. The client agrees.