Mobile Services for Brands
A successful brand will need to embrace the channels that it's 'consumers' use everyday. The mobile phone which is fast becoming our primary means of communication, not just for voice and text, but increasingly for other digital services such as email, digital photos, MP3s, games, and video which provides a unique opportunity for engagement. This medium does not, however, provide an opportunity to intrude uninvited into people's lives; your customer wouldn't accept that, and we wouldn't allow it because it would be detrimental to your brand. The solution needs to be 'opt-in', creative, beneficial to customers and should embrace both your proposition and existing marketing to acquire new customers and drive ROI.

The Mobile Web - Leveraging Existing Assets

Nitromobile can provide you with the most robust content platform around today for you to take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with customers via the mobile in a variety of different ways. If you need a mobile website, we can build it for you. If you need to integrate it with exiting digital assets then our expertise in building websites, providing integration and custom application development will provide you with a bespoke solution. Our platform (all the clever bits that make uploads, downloads, hosting, tracking, admin' and billing seamless) can provide you with a mobile website that harnesses the marketing potential of the mobile phone with the value of your existing assets, allowing you to get closer to your users and drive revenue.

Mobile Marketing - In Basic Terms

SMS and MMS marketing are very simple concepts that have been at the heart of much mobile marketing that has taken place so far and embraced by some of the biggest brands such as Coca Cola and P&G, who saw the benefits it provided to them as audiences increasingly abandoned traditional media. In typical SMS marketing campaigns users are invited to respond to above and below the line advertising by simply texting a 'keyword' to a shortcode (typically five numerical characters) in order to receive more information, apply or get a quotation, buy or simply enter a competition.

The Mobile Web - Creating New Assets

Giving people the benefit of being able to consume your content on their mobile phone can without doubt be beneficial to your brand. You may, however, you may be looking to engage your users even further by giving them the potential to participate with you and other members of the branded community. Increasingly User Generated Content (UGC for short) is becoming an integral part of the marketing process. Customers want to participate with you through text, images, and video. This content could be created semi-professionally on the PC, or created 'at the point of inspiration' on their mobile phone as it happens. However the content is created or consumed, the mobile allows your users to contribute to the platform the actual content that will be consumed. If your business is in 'media' this is certainly a potential strategy for you, but other business should not dismiss it. Large corporations are increasingly looking to source the power and wisdom of crowds to increase the reach of the brand and capture genuinely valuable information that can be used to improve your products and business.

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Client Case Study
Nitro Mobile We were tasked by MoS to provide a mobile video platform for their oioi business. To understand the solution that we deployed in simplest terms, just think of YouTube on mobile. Then, integrate billing, moderation tools for platform, remuneration for video owners, and inbound and outbound marketing tools, with a full suite of online admin and reporting tools.

Of course all the functionality in the world wouldn't count for anything if users weren't able to download the optimal video for user's handsets.

We think the solution is pretty elegant. The client agrees.

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