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The nitro mobile Platform
Nitromobile serves as a complete content management and delivery system for mobile devices. Putting together the key features in one robust, flexible and scalable application nitromobile delivers a seamless experience for the brand or owner and the end user. The technology has been developed and honed over many months of deployment and through hundreds of thousands of downloads. The multimedia content management system supports video, image, games, music/sound and text. Your content is automatically encoded to mobile device formats, and optimized to be viewed by all mobile devices. We have the most up to date mobile phone database around.

Video for Delivery:

Supports multiple browser types:
  • WML / WAP 1.0-1.11,
  • cHTML / i-mode, and
  • xHTML / WAP 1.2-2.0
Further proprietary technology allows you to produce multiple versions of a video file with differing Compression Ratios, Codec's and screen display sizes. This can automatically produces the following file types, providing you with the ability to balance the opposing needs of a high quality video download with the lowest possible auto detect the mobile device that engages with your mobile site, ensuring an optimal balance between a high quality product without the time consuming and possibly expensive download. Conversion to sale rates for browsing customers are significantly increased, as the customer is confident that the video file they buy will work on their mobile device and work well.
  • H263
  • H264
  • MPG4
  • 3GPP (current and future compliant)


Secure delivery to Mobile device encrypted key access, allowing multiple billing options:
  • Individual download
  • Timed access
  • Recurring Billing
Supports integration of multiple billing partners, and;
  • Built in Language Internationalisation
  • International age certification features
  • Multiple price points per currency


Our user interface provides real-time data for every facet of the mobile content marketing, sale and delivery...

Nitromobile automatically detects the mobile device that engages with your mobile site. In real time nitromobile presents the best real-time data for every facet of the mobile content marketing, sale and delivery. Data is available on screen and as an excel spreadsheet. Unique identifiers for every customer ensure that on each and every visit the behavior and sales are available for analysis for detailed segmentation, and future outbound marketing. Referrer tracking for the life of the customer from Portals/PPC engines, and affiliate tracking for the life of the customer Instant profit and loss function for marketing spend to be entered against referred traffic - we understand you want detailed reporting.

Find out how you can interact more effectively with your customers
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Sell effectively regardless of user handset capability, carrier and location
Client Case Study
Nitro Mobile We were tasked by MoS to provide a mobile video platform for their oioi business. To understand the solution that we deployed in simplest terms, just think of YouTube on mobile. Then, integrate billing, moderation tools for platform, remuneration for video owners, and inbound and outbound marketing tools, with a full suite of online admin and reporting tools.

Of course all the functionality in the world wouldn't count for anything if users weren't able to download the optimal video for user's handsets.

We think the solution is pretty elegant. The client agrees.

About us
Nitromobile launched in 2006 as result of the growing need identified to provide robust mobile platforms for a variety of solutions...
About Us
About Us